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*And, we moved house*

Last Updated On September 13, 2018

Ember had her first litter of kittens when I lived in Carluke, South Lanarkshire. I had also added to my cat collection with the purchase of a beautiful black, silver tipped girl from Nelli Epp in Germany (that’s a story in its own right which, I will come back to!) but, I moved not too long after Ember’s kittens went to their new homes.  I knew that if I wanted to concentrate on my animals, I would have to move away from the town and into the countryside, whereby, I settled on Lockerbie as my new destination.

So, in April 2016 or, thereabouts, I upped sticks and shifted an hour or so further down the M74 to a lovely, semi-rural cottage with a nice big garden and, no neighbours, perfect!  Here is where I really started to find my feet and, the direction in which I hoped to progress my cats.  I had decided I wanted to breed cinnamon series cats.  Additionally, I hoped to breed cinnamon silvers which are quite uncommon but, extremely attractive.  It would be a long and thankless road as few breeders were interested in cinnamon lines.  That aside, there are few breeders who have cats at open stud so, it can be difficult (bordering on impossible) to find a good stud cat – particularly when you’re a new or, novice breeder.

It was at this juncture that I realised that if I wanted to further my plans for cinnamon series cats, I would mostly have to go it alone and, that was fine with me as it meant I would take credit for the good and, for the bad!  Nobody to blame for your mistakes when you’re working off your own plans.  I still didn’t have a firm idea of where I was heading, it was all loosely based on a passion for this particular colour.  However, I wanted to stay true to breed type and, to breed healthy cats with super temperaments and outgoing personalities.  I hadn’t set myself an easy task and I relished the thought of challenges that lay ahead.