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Last Updated On September 13, 2018

The first show cat I ever had was Cadifee Julianna.  A black tortie (smoke it turns out but, that comes later) I purchased when she was 9 months old.  I had a motorway phobia for all of my days – well, since I could drive so it was make or break time as Julianna (Ember) was down in North Allerton!  Suffice to say and, cutting a very long story short, I made the journey and proudly collected my very first, proper show cat.  She, however, had other ideas and was a bit of a spitfire when it came to shows (naughty tortie syndrome) she received two CC’s before going out of condition, due to constant calling.  A fellow exhibitor had commented that she thought EMber was actually smoke and not-self, that exhibitor was correct as Ember is the mother of CH Saorsa Charmedimsure!  My lovely smoke boy.  Ember is long since retired and in a loving pet home but, she had given me the showing bug!