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Last Updated On July 2, 2018

A little bit about me and the cats, here at Saorsa.  I am still relatively new to cat showing and breeding.  I bought my first active Queen in 2013 from Frances Evans of the Cadifee prefix, a black tortie smoke, Ember.  Ember gave me some beautiful kittens, most notably CH Saorsa Charmedimsure.  A magnificent black smoke boy who, on his very first outing to a show (which was a double show, two championship shows on the one day) he had a red card day all round!  He gained Best of breed at both!  Best British adult at one show and overall best British at the other!  It truly was an amazing day.  I won’t forget it in a hurry. 

He went on to gain a Grand challenge certificate but, the awarding judge (Shelagh Heavens) mentioned that he was not a happy boy at shows and I decided to retire him at that point.  “Sunny” sired a singleton kitten to my imported black silver-tipped girl.  This little lady became Saorsa Galadriel.  She had only two outings winning best of variety kitten at the first and, best of breed at the second.    His latest offspring is Saorsa Jamaica McRazy – a lilac smoke who, as of today’s date, is still too young to make her show debut.

Sunny has two more ladies to woo and then, he will be neutered.  I will try him out at shows, in the neuter section, if he appears to become more settled.