We have kittens! (31/07/16)

Last Updated On July 31, 2016

CH Kenny (IMP) and Orschel (imp) blessed us with five, gorgeous babies!

Three are available to reserve.


Golden tipped male

Tipped BSH

Black tipped female

Golden tabby BSH

Golden tabby male

Tipped BSH

Black Tipped Male

BSH babies

Black Tipped Male


*Little baby at 4 weeks old*

Last Updated On June 19, 2016
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CH Kenny X CH Ti’Amo

*We have kittens!*

Last Updated On May 23, 2016

Double champion mating!

Ch Kenny Silky Babe (imp) x Ch Ti’Amo Vom Costa Smeralda (imp)

Much anticipated babies from two of our champion BSH.  Kittens are

PKD normal by inheritance.

There are 5 babies, born 18/05/16.  We have one cinnamon boy available to reserve, inquiries welcome.

Superb new litter! 100% imported lines. Available to reserve.

Last Updated On November 4, 2015






*New photo’s of available kittens*

Last Updated On August 27, 2015

Black self female *show potential*

Red self boy*show potential*

Red self boy*show potential*


Black smoke male *pet home*


*Kittens ready to view*

Last Updated On August 11, 2015

We are pleased to announce that our current litters are now ready to view and reserve!

Dad is a GCCF Champion with 1 grand certificate already, he is from all import lines. ¬†Mum of litter “B” was imported by ourselves, from the Vom Costa cattery in Germany, she has 1 CC and she has 1 male. silver ticked tabby (very rare) and 1, silver spottted tabby girlleft to reserve.


Litter “C” is from our 2 x CC winning girl, she has orange eyed black, blue self and red, available to reserve.


Phone or message for more information.

Kittens available in the Nursery!

Last Updated On July 19, 2015

We have kittens avaialable!  

Ticked tabby female and silver spotted girl from Falco x Saorsa litter.

Red self male, black male, black female and blue male from Falco x Ember litter.





Kittens available

Last Updated On December 13, 2014

Current babies are now, all reserved.

Waiting list is open for future litters, please feel free to send a message!

Saorsa kittens are well socialised and leave home at 13 weeks of age.  Fully vaccinated, microchipped, parasite prevention treated, GCCF registered (non-active, not for breeding) 4 weeks free insurance and a lifetime of support.


CH Fergan Copperfield x Cadifee Julianna



CH Fergan Copperfield
Blood group B
PKD normal


Cadifee Julianna
Blood group A(b)
PKD normal
Carries dilute

Future plans

Last Updated On November 23, 2014

At present there is one black tortie girl, available  to reserve.  

My current plans are for two litters in 2015, one around Easter and the following around October.


Farodell Saor Alba x Orschel Vom Costa Smeralda (imp)  

Farodell Saor Alba x Cadifee Julianna


If you are interested on going on the waiting list, please do send a message!

Alternatively, I may know of a reputable breeder who does have babies available at present.