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Welcome to Saorsa cats!

We are a small show cattery, based in the beautiful countryside of Lockerbie, slightly north of Carlisle and literally minutes off the M74 motorway.

Our aim is to breed large, typey cats of good health and excellent temperament, all of our cats are fully health tested to meet GCCF guidelines and we compete at GCCF championship shows, across the UK on a regular basis.

We’re still here!

Last Updated On September 7, 2020

Things have been rather quiet this year, think it’s been the same for most of us but, we do have a litter planned and should find out soon, if our Jellybean is going to be a mummy for the first time 😊

Saorsa Teo Toriatte
Mum to be!
Daddy to be!

New Babies are here!

Last Updated On June 8, 2019

Why not visit the babies dad on our “boys” page 🙂 

We are 3 weeks old!

If you like these little guys as much as we do, please, send us a message for more information.

Quality isn’t expensive…it’s priceless

Kittens available 04/06/19

Last Updated On June 4, 2019



Welcome!  CH Sunny and Orlaith, had some beautiful babies, they are soon available to reserve. 

Due to Facebook restrictions, you are not allowed to advertise on your page so, we are posting this advisory note here, on our website, please, click HERE to be taken to our Facebook page.  There you will see lots of great photos of ALL of our cats and their show achievements. 

You are invited to message us from our website or, via our Facebook page, as we are usually available to answer your queries, within a couple of hours at most.

Thank you for supporting Saorsa cats!  

*And, we moved house*

Last Updated On September 13, 2018

Ember had her first litter of kittens when I lived in Carluke, South Lanarkshire. I had also added to my cat collection with the purchase of a beautiful black, silver tipped girl from Nelli Epp in Germany (that’s a story in its own right which, I will come back to!) but, I moved not too long after Ember’s kittens went to their new homes.  I knew that if I wanted to concentrate on my animals, I would have to move away from the town and into the countryside, whereby, I settled on Lockerbie as my new destination.

So, in April 2016 or, thereabouts, I upped sticks and shifted an hour or so further down the M74 to a lovely, semi-rural cottage with a nice big garden and, no neighbours, perfect!  Here is where I really started to find my feet and, the direction in which I hoped to progress my cats.  I had decided I wanted to breed cinnamon series cats.  Additionally, I hoped to breed cinnamon silvers which are quite uncommon but, extremely attractive.  It would be a long and thankless road as few breeders were interested in cinnamon lines.  That aside, there are few breeders who have cats at open stud so, it can be difficult (bordering on impossible) to find a good stud cat – particularly when you’re a new or, novice breeder.

It was at this juncture that I realised that if I wanted to further my plans for cinnamon series cats, I would mostly have to go it alone and, that was fine with me as it meant I would take credit for the good and, for the bad!  Nobody to blame for your mistakes when you’re working off your own plans.  I still didn’t have a firm idea of where I was heading, it was all loosely based on a passion for this particular colour.  However, I wanted to stay true to breed type and, to breed healthy cats with super temperaments and outgoing personalities.  I hadn’t set myself an easy task and I relished the thought of challenges that lay ahead.



* In no Particular Order*

Last Updated On September 13, 2018

The first show cat I ever had was Cadifee Julianna.  A black tortie (smoke it turns out but, that comes later) I purchased when she was 9 months old.  I had a motorway phobia for all of my days – well, since I could drive so it was make or break time as Julianna (Ember) was down in North Allerton!  Suffice to say and, cutting a very long story short, I made the journey and proudly collected my very first, proper show cat.  She, however, had other ideas and was a bit of a spitfire when it came to shows (naughty tortie syndrome) she received two CC’s before going out of condition, due to constant calling.  A fellow exhibitor had commented that she thought EMber was actually smoke and not-self, that exhibitor was correct as Ember is the mother of CH Saorsa Charmedimsure!  My lovely smoke boy.  Ember is long since retired and in a loving pet home but, she had given me the showing bug!

*It’s all about me!*

Last Updated On July 2, 2018

A little bit about me and the cats, here at Saorsa.  I am still relatively new to cat showing and breeding.  I bought my first active Queen in 2013 from Frances Evans of the Cadifee prefix, a black tortie smoke, Ember.  Ember gave me some beautiful kittens, most notably CH Saorsa Charmedimsure.  A magnificent black smoke boy who, on his very first outing to a show (which was a double show, two championship shows on the one day) he had a red card day all round!  He gained Best of breed at both!  Best British adult at one show and overall best British at the other!  It truly was an amazing day.  I won’t forget it in a hurry. 

He went on to gain a Grand challenge certificate but, the awarding judge (Shelagh Heavens) mentioned that he was not a happy boy at shows and I decided to retire him at that point.  “Sunny” sired a singleton kitten to my imported black silver-tipped girl.  This little lady became Saorsa Galadriel.  She had only two outings winning best of variety kitten at the first and, best of breed at the second.    His latest offspring is Saorsa Jamaica McRazy – a lilac smoke who, as of today’s date, is still too young to make her show debut.

Sunny has two more ladies to woo and then, he will be neutered.  I will try him out at shows, in the neuter section, if he appears to become more settled.




Last Updated On July 2, 2018

Currently, we have a cinnamon smoke male available and, a brown classic tabby girl, carrying cinnamon.  These kittens carry a superb range of European lines (no UK breeding)

Both kittens have show potential and I *may* consider selling active to the right home.


Cinnamon silver babies and brown classic female.


These cinnamon silvers may be some of the first bred in the UK <3 Find us on Facebook!


Last Updated On October 31, 2017


*We have kittens*

Last Updated On August 14, 2017

NEW ARRIVALS!  <<<<Click the link to view our new arrivals!  Boys AND girls available.


Last Updated On May 7, 2017

Saorsa Galadriel is our new show hopeful!  She was a singleton kitten but, a beauty, nonetheless!  She is  by CH Saorsa Charmedimsure x Orschel Vom Costa Smeralda (IMP DE)


Saorsa Galadriel